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Equine Services


  • Vaccinations
  • Bloodwork

Lameness Evaluation


  • Foot
  • Pastern
  • Fetlock
  • Metacarpus/tarsus
  • Carpus
  • Antebrachium
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Tarsus
  • Stifle
  • Femur and Hip

Surgical Services

We offer surgical procedures such as castrations, caslicks, and wound/laceration repair. 

For certain procedures, we may refer you to a specialist. 

Digital Radiography

Portable radiology can be performed on your farm or ours. Digital radiology is at the forefront of veterinary imaging techniques which can be brought directly to the stable, track, or farm. Highly detailed radiographs (x-rays) can be obtained, examined, and read within a matter of seconds. Copies of the radiographs can be put directly on a CD which can be reviewed on virtually any computer. This allows for quick transfer of images to referral hospitals, farriers, or potential buyers. Digital radiographs can complete any lameness or pre-purchase examination. Measurements such as degree of rotation, toe length, and sole depth can be taken on the digital images allowing the veterinarian to work closely with your farrier to give your horse the best possible foot care. The quick and accurate radiographs will allow you to gain valuable information about your horse’s health directly on site, allowing you to make a more informed decision on the care being provided.

Digital Radiography Offers:

  • Superior Quality
  • Increased Diagnostic Capability
  • Lasting Image Storage and Retrieval